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i) viabilidade celular; ii) fototoxicidade; iii) "uptake"; e iv) mecanismo de morte celular

Two labs for cell culture: MSC-Advantage biological safety cabinets and Thermo – Heraeus incubators;

ACEA Novocyte 3000 flow cytometer (lasers at 405, 488 and 640 nm) equipped with a sample handling module (Novo sampler);

Biotek Synergy HT microplate reader (filters 360/40, 420/50, 460/40, 485/20, 508/20, 528/20, 530/25, 590/35, 590/20, 645/40, 760/34);

Olympus CKX41SF microscope equipped with XC10 color camera and U-RFL T50-200 fluorescence lamp;

LEDs at varied wavelengths (415, 505, 630, 660, 740 and 750 nm) for irradiation of cell culture plates

Cell bank with cell lines of different histological origin: CT26, A549, B16F10, HT29, COS-7, U2OS, H11, MDA-MB-231, MDA-MB-435, 4T1, 4T1-Luc.

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Lígia Silva

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