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Photoacoustic calorimetry

High precision thermochemistry studies of transient species. Quantum yields of fast photoinduced processes. Detection of fast structural volume changes in molecules and macromolecules.

Home-made time-resolved photoacoustic calorimetry flow cells, includes temperature controlled cells and automatic injection models (SSI model 300 LC pump; Kloehn syringe pump).

Panametrics/Olympus 0.5, 2.25, 10, 50, 100, 225 MHz transducers and 20 MHz hydrophone for photoacoustic detection.

Available pulsed excitation sources for photoacoustic: PTI PL 2300 nitrogen laser and PTI PL 202 dye laser; Spectra Physics Quanta-Ray ns Nd:YAG laser; EKSPLA 2143A ps Nd:YAG laser; EKSPLA NL301G ns Nd:YAG laser; EKSPLA OPO model PG-122; Quantel Big Sky Ultra 50 Nd:YAG laser attached to a second harmonic generator.

Digital oscilloscopes: Tektronix DSA 601, Tektronix TDS 3000D and Tektronix DPO 7254.

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Carlos Serpa

Universidade de Coimbra

Professor, Researcher
Luís G. Arnaut

Universidade de Coimbra

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