Date/Time: July 5-8, 2022

Nº of vacancies: 10

Course in English

Course duration (number of hours): 10 hours

Online Course

Brief description of the course: Nature has been, throughout time, the leading provider of substances and compounds for health and welfare, starting-material for drug manufacture, inspiration for new drugs and medicine advances. Far from being a mere reminiscing of the history, natural product research is currently a chief contributor for drug discovery, side-by-side with drug design, organic synthesis and biotechnology research. In the last three decades natural products research unveiled the new chemical entities that are in the origin of one third of the novel medicines that were registered worldwide. Following the 2021 edition “Natural Product Research in Drug Discovery” dedicated to the potential of organisms and biomaterials as a source of biologically active compounds, this 2022 edition will be focused on the analysis of natural products, highlighting methodologies and strategies used for analysis of complex herbal preparations, for isolation, purification and characterization of plant metabolites. The course will comprises four afternoon online sessions with lectures and seminars (total of 10 h) addressed by Professors from the University of Coimbra, the University of Paris, Citê and the University Degli Studi Di Cagliari.

Due to the multidisciplinary character of the research on natural products this is an opportunity to cross and to share knowledge on different topics of science, phytochemistry, phytochemical analysis, analytical chemistry, separation methods, spectroscopy, etc. After each lecture or seminar a short time for discussion will be opened. Students are encouraged to participate interactively during classes and in the after-lecture discussions.

A certificate of attendance (with classification rate) will be delivered to students that have attended to all sessions and have submitted a final report on one of the topics exposed.

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Vacancies exclusive for PhD students of the Doctoral Schools Health and Natural Resources, Agrifood and Environment.