PhD in Pharmaceutical Sciences | Faculty of Pharmacy

Date: July 11- 18, 2022

Number of vacancies: 25

Course in Portuguese/English

Online course

Course duration (number of hours): 7 hours

Objectives: Regulatory Affairs & Patents Course aims at providing knowledge about regulatory science and medicine innovation, addressing the perspective of academy, pharmaceutical industry and regulatory authority.
The role of national and international regulatory agencies throughout the life cycle of medicines, encompassing the periods of pre‐, marketing authorization application, and post‐approval will be covered in a holistic perspective of the quality, safety and efficacy pillars. Also, the efforts and challenges faced by companies to integrate knowledge in the pharmaceutical development of new medicines will be emphasized through the implementation of Quality by design (QbD) principles, supported on computational frameworks for the establishment of factorial planning methodologies, process analytical technologies (PAT), and artificial intelligence (AI) tools.
The Course is divided into ten lectures covering different topics in the field, given by lecturers from the Faculties of Pharmacy of Coimbra, Porto and Lisbon, Companies and Regulatory Authority and concludes with a plenary lecture by Dr. Rui Ivo on "How regulatory science is Shaping Innovation Landscape".

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Vacancies exclusive for PhD students at the School of Health.