Some people say that a PhD is a marathon, not a sprint, it requires a lot of courage and self-regulation. Often PhD students go from the excitement of a new beginning to wondering (Should I be here?), to some isolation and frustration. Let's not talk about the anxiety caused by the need to write a thesis and the urgency to finish when deadlines get tighter. Going through these emotional phases can make problem solving difficult.

Course duration

  • 4 hours class;
  • 2 hours autonomous work (reading, exercises, videos, among others).


  1. Roller coaster of emotions
  2. Dealing with difficult emotions
  3. Imposter syndrome and burnout

Continue to invest (reading, video, exercises, among others)


  • Group 1: 2nd February 2022, 9am-1pm
  • Group 2: 2nd February 2022, 2pm-6pm

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All students must present a vaccination certificate or an antigen test (taken within the last 48 hours) at the entrance to the course rooms.