Do you feel like this very often?
It's Friday afternoon and you haven’t done all the work. You're working furiously to complete the paper draft before five o'clock to send it to your supervisor. Why did I sleep last night? I should have been working. Now I must work over the weekend to make up for it.
The Art of Living Workshop: Time Management and Procrastination is a great opportunity for you!

Course duration

  • 4 hours class
  • 2 hours autonomous work (reading, exercises, videos,...)


  1. The procrastination equation
  2. Procrastination toolbox strategies
  3. How to overcome procrastination?

Keep going (readings, videos, exercises, …)


  • Class 1: January 27th, 9AM-1PM
  • Class 2: January 28th, 9AM-1PM


All students must present a vaccination certificate or an antigen test (taken within the last 48 hours) at the entrance to the course rooms.