This course can be taken by PhD students from the 3 Doctoral Schools: Health; Natural Resources, Agrifood and Environment & Digital, Industry and Space

Number of vacancies: 20

Date: 28th February - 4th March 2022


The aim of this course is to provide an overview of different subareas techniques in the Computational Biology field. Theoretical knowledge will be given in the mornings followed by hands-on sections during the afternoon.


1. AI & Applied Omics

Theoretical Classes:

- The importance of text-Mining for gene-phenotype association

- Protein Network and transcriptomic analysis

- The Artificial Intelligence Role in Drug Discovery

- Artificial intelligence methods in microbiomics

Practical Classes:

- Exploration of text-mining tools

- Exploration of Artificial Intelligence in drug discovery

2. System Biology

Theoretical Classes:

- The fundamental scales of Molecular Biology

- Generic properties of biomolecular networks

- Network motifs and design principles

Practical Classes:

- Introduction to kinetic modeling

- Computational exploration of regulatory motifs in biochemical networks

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Registration open until 23th February 2022.