Hologic Award - Research on Women's Health (Deadline 31/12/2022)

30 may, 2022≈ 3 min read

Hologic launched the Research Award on Women's Health, worth €12,000, oriented to cover the various areas that affect women's health.

The Hologic Women's Health Award will distinguish the best basic research work dedicated to promoting Women's Health, developed by national or foreign researchers from Portuguese institutions. These projects must be innovative and have an impact on improving women's health conditions in the areas that most affect them.

To this end, a set of institutional partners were brought together who will also be part of the award jury. They are: Portuguese Association for Hospital Development; Portuguese Cancer Research Association; Portuguese Association of General and Family Medicine; Portuguese League Against Cancer; Portuguese Society of Cardiology; Portuguese Society of Contraception; Portuguese Society of Oncology; Portuguese Society of Rheumatology; and the Portuguese Society of Senology.

Candidates must hold a PhD degree for more than 2 years and must propose to carry out an autonomous research project under their responsibility, in a Portuguese institution.

Each scientist may present only one research project. The work must be presented as a scientific article, not exceeding 10,000 words, and must be complemented with:

  • An abstract in Portuguese, not exceeding 250 words, intended for a lay audience.
  • Curriculum vitae (CV) (1 A4 CV);
  • Declaration of interest (supplementary sources of funding for the project; contractual relationships or other relationships with the promoters of the Prize);
  • The following information:
    • Authors and their contacts (address, telephone, e-mail);
    • Identification of the institutions where the work was developed;
  • Each application may not submit more than one application, even if co-authored (provided it is recognized in the publication as having the same contribution as the first author).
  • Applications that are incomplete or submitted after the defined deadline will not be considered.
  • Applications for the Award must be submitted in an individual/personal name, and legal persons are not admitted as candidates.
  • Applications must be submitted by December 31, 2022, on the Prize page.

Prize winners must send a written summary of their proposal for the general public, in Portuguese, and make themselves available to participate in public events within the scope of publicizing the Award, such as the award ceremony or radio interviews and/or or television.

The application must be submitted by the researcher in charge, online at this link by December 31, 2022. The competition regulations can be consulted here.

The prize launch session that took place on the 25th of May can be seen at this link.