How to publish with quality

Publishing with quality no longer means just looking for a publisher capable of producing aesthetically beautiful books, but increasingly thinking about editorial practices that begin before publication (such as the adoption of transparent mechanisms for peer review and ethical principles that ensure respect for all agents involved) and continue well beyond the moment of publication, as with the dynamics of international indexing and alignment with the principles of Open Science.

A number of international organisations collaboratively produce guidelines for integrity in research and the publication of science.

COPE - Committee On Publication Ethics brings together a large number of influential journals and scientific publishers who promote the application of ethical principles in publishing. It is a reference body as a source of guidelines for quality publishing.

ALLEA-All European Academies, launched, in several languages, the European Code of Conduct for Research Integrity, approved by the European Commission.

The European Commission, thinking of researchers preparing project applications for funding from the European Union, has developed the document Ethics for Research.

Publishing with quality requires responsibility from all parties involved: authors, publishers, reviewers. Here are some resources for each of them.