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General Terms and Conditions

Check here the terms and conditions for a proper and informed use of this online form.

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By submitting this request, I declare that I AM AWARE that:

[1] This form is to be used exclusively by Applicants, Students and Alumni of the University of Coimbra (UC). It can also be used by other holders of Degrees or Titles awarded by the UC (i.e., Tenure), and Requesters of recognition of a foreign degree or diploma, Tenure exam, thesis submission according to a special system; and other requesters identified in the groups mentioned on the first webpage.

[2] The request will be closed if I am not included in the groups mentioned in [1], or I have not provided sufficient information for the request to be handled by the UC Services (for example, if, as a student, it is not possible to identify me by means of my name or student number).

[3] The Request will be answered according to the order of its registration, and a higher priority may be given to specific types of subjects in certain periods of the academic year.

[4] I authorise the collection and use of the data identified by the UC as being necessary, for the handling of this request pursuant to the law, and the communication within the scope of this request will be carried out by means of email message sent to the address mentioned by me in the online form. Nevertheless, other means of contact registered at InforEstudante (integrated in the academic information system of the UC) may be used additionally if they are available.

[5] The personal data provided here are protected in accordance with the data protection law, are strictly necessary for identification purposes and are stored in the database of the UC, which guarantees their confidentiality. As person making the request, I am given by the UC free access to my personal data, and I can correct or delete incorrectly gathered data by means of InforEstudante or a specific option in this online form.

For further information about the protection of personal data at the UC, please check www.uc.pt/protecao-de-dados (webpage in Portuguese)