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This online form is aimed at the UC Students and Alumni, National and International Applicants to the UC and other persons interested in requesting information about academic issues.

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How to use it?

Click one of the groups shown on the main page, available by means of the option "Home", in the top right corner of this page, to access the online form that best fits your situation.

Which requests can you submit by means of the online form?

The online form is intended to answer questions and provide information regarding academic issues of the UC. It can also be used to submit suggestions and improvement opportunities concerning the activities..

Why an online form instead of an email address?

The UC is an institution with thousands of Students and Alumni, among other requesters, that contact it. With this online form, it is easier to submit more specific requests with the information necessary to handle them, which enables an automated forwarding to the most appropriate services according to subject category.

How to ensure that your request has been received?

The requests are registered in an IT platform that manages the requests ("tickets"), and they are given a number. After submitting the request, an automatic message with that number is sent to the email address mentioned in the request.

What kind of academic issues are covered?

Applications to Bachelor´s, Master’s and Integrated Master’s Degree Courses at the University of Coimbra by means of the National Contest of Access and Admission (CNA) organised by the Directorate General for Higher Education (DGES).

Application to Bachelor’s, Master’s and PhD Degree Courses and Non-Degree Courses by means of the contests/systems carried out at the UC.

Application and attendance of Isolated Curricular Units, National and International mobility programmes.

Pathway of Students, from their application, enrolment, registration for curricular units and special and extraordinary exams, to their diplomas’ issuance.

Academic exams: Tenure, Aptitude Exam to perform the functions of scientific coordination, and Special System for the Thesis Submission (PhD Degree).

Please note:

If you are an Applicant, a UC Student or Alumni, please use InforEstudante in order to submit a request or request a Certificate.

If you want a reappraisal of a request or you think that you have an exceptional situation or condition not included in these requests, select “Not included in InforEstudante” in the type of request.