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António de Almeida Santos

9th December 2007 | Sala dos Capelos da Universidade de Coimbra

Almeida Santos

António de Almeida Santos graduated in Law from FDUC - he was a student between 1945 and 1950 - and was also president of the Cultural Section of Coimbra Studnets' Union (AAC) and belonged, as guitarist, singer and official speaker, to the Academic Orfeon and the Academic Tuna of the University of Coimbra. His connection with Coimbra and the Academy is maintained: he is currently a member of the University Statutory Assembly and the Alumni Consilium (Alumni Association of the DDF) and is president of the General Assembly of the Academic Association of Coimbra – Autonomous Football Organization. Almeida Santos was born in Cabeça, Seia Municipality, on February 15, 1926. Between 1953 and 1974 he settled in Mozambique, where he practiced law until 1974, returning after 25 April. He was Minister of Interterritorial Coordination of I, II, III and IV Provisional Governments and Minister of Social Communication in the VI Provisional Government. He belonged to the First and Second Constitutional Governments, respectively as Minister of Justice and Deputy Minister of the Prime Minister. He was later Minister of State and Parliamentary Affairs in the VI Constitutional Government. Whenever he was not a minister, he was a member of the Portuguese National Assembly. He was parliamentary leader of the Socialist Party and president of the Portuguese National Assembly. 

 Note: António de Almeida Santos passed away on 18th January 2016