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Walter Osswald

6th April 2008 |  Sala dos Capelos da Universidade de Coimbra

Walter Osswald

Walter Osswald has spent more than 40 years in pharmacology and therapeutics research and teaching and was awarded the Pfizer Prize in 1957 and 1961. He was director of the Institute of Pharmacology and Therapeutics and chairman of the Portuguese Society of Pharmacology, of the National Commission for Humanization and Quality of Health Services and the European Union Embryo and Fetus Protection Committee. He also belonged to the National Council of Ethics for Life Sciences. Osswald is a Retired Full Professor at the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Porto. He is the author of the first Bioethics and Pharmacology and Therapeutics manuals published in Portugal and founder of the Bioethics Research Office of the Portuguese Catholic University. As a researcher, he focused mainly on the adrenergic mechanisms of the heart and blood vessels, catecholamine metabolism, hypertension and vascular contractility.