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Students' Union (AAC)

The Academic Association of Coimbra (AAC) is the largest and the oldest student union in the world. European champion in university sports for several times and home to 16 cultural sections and 27 sports, AAC is the central pillar of the life of the University and its students, enabling student participation in a wide range of enriching extra-curricular activities.

The AAC sports include: handball, football, volleyball, basketball, rugby, swimming, tennis, squash, fishing, nautical sports, judo, karate, different types of gymnastics, among others.

Some of its cultural sections are: the University Radio (RUC), an ecology group, a Fado sector (the traditional song of Coimbra), a philately sector, a centre of film studies, a computer centre, an experimental Yoga centre, an astronomy, astrophysics and astronautics sector, a human rights sector, a gastronomy sector and a reading and writing sector, where literary contests, old book auctions, writers' meetings and other events take place.

Learn more about AAC cultural groups and sports by watching this series of short videos UC TV has prepared for you. (The audio content is in Portuguese)

There are also several academic groups or autonomous bodies related to music, cinema, theatre, folk dancing, photography or choir singing.