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The POTAL UC LAB improves the visibility and valorization of the transfer of knowledge from the University of Coimbra to the Community, contributing to the increase of partnerships between the UC and Industry, Business and Academia.

The portal facilitates the online location of services and resources through vast search fields (by services, platforms, categories, scientific domains, techniques, tags), directing the user to the specialized technological platform in order to acquire additional information, reservations and direct contacts.

UC Technologies

The University of Coimbra is a center of knowledge production that results in the creation of technologies subject to intellectual protection.

Here you can find all the innovations patented and in the process of valorization, divided by the strategic areas of the UC.

Technology and Service Platforms

TSP, as I&I system interface infrastructures, of a multifunctional or thematic nature, constitute a response capacity to meet global needs in strategic technological areas, developing challenging responses as a result of specific lines of research.

The cooperative concept of each PTS covers the proof of scientific development for the transfer of technical feasibility, the analysis of the community of potential users, oriented towards science and innovation, the business case outline and the justification for national and/or international consortia.

Junior Companies

There is a disruptive, young and innovative ecosystem within UC that is formed by university Entrepreneurship initiatives: Companies and Junior Initiatives.

Composed of students who manage projects and provide services to companies, institutions or individual clients, the focus is to promote student learning through contact with the business fabric.


The Center for Industrial Process Analytics' mission is to support companies in their plans and initiatives for the digital transition, developing methodologies and tools to transform data into value.

Aims to be a strategic partner for the industry through the joint creation of innovative solutions based on data and knowledge of phenomena, to improve the quality of processes and products and, consequently, to increase their competitivenes

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