Technology and Service Platforms

The UC includes interface infrastructures of the R&D system, of a multifunctional or thematic nature, which constitute the capacity to meet global needs in strategic technological areas, developing challenging responses as a result of specific lines of investigation.

In order to promote technical-scientific cooperation and the comprehensive transmission and dissemination of scientific knowledge, cooperation protocols have been drawn up with the Institute for the Environment, Technology and Life.


  • Encourage and support competitive positioning at national and international level that contributes to the development of scientific and technological activities;
  • Optimize the management and use of technological resources;
  • Promote the accessibility and visibility of technical and scientific expertise;
  • Encouraging the provision of services and scientific collaboration with other public or private institutions and, in particular, with companies;
  • Encouraging and supporting the implementation of quality systems aimed at guaranteeing the demonstration of competence and technical integrity in the provision of services.


The UC LAB PORTAL improves the visibility and value of the transfer of knowledge from the University of Coimbra to the Community, helping to increase partnerships between the UC and Industry, Companies and Academia.

The portal facilitates the online location of services and resources through extensive search fields (by services, platforms, categories, scientific domains, techniques, tags), directing the user to the specialized provider technology platform in order to acquire additional information, reservations and direct contacts.

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