What we do?

UC Business is the Technology Transfer Office (TTO) of the University of Coimbra (Portugal). Learn more about the Special Project of the Rectory of UC:

About UC Business

Through the transfer of a wide range of knowledge to the benefit of Society, the mission of UC Business is to transform UC into an essential partner to the business sector, carrying out joint projects with different business structures (start-ups, spin-offs, SMEs, large companies and associations), within the multiple areas of knowledge of the University of Coimbra.

UC Business organizes its action in three pillars:

  • Valuing the different assets of the University of Coimbra, materials and immaterials, such as the knowledge of researchers, students and technologies.
  • Commitment to innovation in the medium and long term, strategically enhancing and enhancing the University of Coimbra.
  • Development of solid and sustainable partnerships, which reinforce the operation capacity and presence in strategic sectors at national and international level.

Our Numbers

Data for June 2022.

Areas of Expertise

The main UC Business cores are:

  • Innovation
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Intellectual Property (IP)
  • Technology and Service Platforms (TSP)
  • Provision of Specialized Services (PSS)
  • Private Non-Profit Associations (PNPA)

Which are articulated in the following ecosystem:


It is the responsibility of UC Business:

  • Evaluate technologies resulting from R&D with potential for innovation and/or commercialization;
  • Develop commercial knowledge enhancement strategies, identifying partners;
  • Monitoring all phases of the licensing process for the developed technologies;
  • Ensure the management of Industrial Property;
  • Manage partnerships in the field of innovation and support the creation of university spin-offs;
  • Promote training in entrepreneurship and innovation in the student community;
  • Encourage the conduct of joint projects between the University and external entities;
  • Support, monitor partnerships and carry out activities, in conjunction with the Interdisciplinary Research Institute;
  • Manage the University's participation in international networks of Innovation and Knowledge Transfer;
  • Research, identify and disseminate community support, or others, which can be applied to the University's development projects;
  • Disclose the conditions for accessing scholarships, courses, programs and R&D projects.

UC Business thus establishes the University-Industry synergy by intervening and mediating in accordance with the Entity Cycle, which needs a certain technology in a certain space-time, and with the Researcher Cycle, willing to work towards the transfer of knowledge to satisfy those needs.

Added to this knowledge are the practices and soft skills, immaterial, immeasurable and intangible assets of the managers of the various UC Business work cores, always willing to open and immediate dialogue.

Get to know us even more!

“Knowledge and Technology Transfer at the UC”

The culture of innovation at the UC is based on a vision that is transversal to all areas. This podcast presents a study on the 25 years of Innovation and Knowledge Management in the Institution. It is moderated by the Knowledge Management Specialist, Tânia Covas, Advisor of the Office of the Rector of the UC; it counts with the presence of Luís Simões da Silva, Vice Rector of the UC for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, and André Pedro Oliveira, author of the brochure “The UC and the Transfer of Knowledge and Technology in the historical context: 25 years of Innovation and Knowledge Management”.

“The UC and the Transfer of Knowledge and Technology in Historical Context”

The booklet factually describes the formalization of the first Technology Transfer Office (TTO) in Higher Education, exploring the umbilical link between UC and Intellectual Property through the Instituto Pedro Nunes (IPN). By arranging the sources and preserving the facts, the impact of the initiatives created and organized by the UC’s TTO, over the last 20 years, is described. In a second plan, it provides a historical analysis of TTOs, in Portugal, supported by the organic evolution in the UC and examples of success, framing scientifically the Special Project UC Business.

"The usefulness of a Technology Transfer Office"

Author: Nuno Mendonça, Coordinator of the UC Business Special Project

"In a reference Higher Education Institution, a Technology Transfer Office (TTO) plays a central role in valuing the knowledge produced in the different research centers and laboratories that make it up. multiple services available to researchers, such as procurement or project application services. (...)"

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