Plant Biotechnology Laboratory

General Information

On Sunday (September, 9) the registration desk will be open at the Department of Life Sciences (Street: Calçada Martim de Freitas, near the Botanic Garden - www.uc.pt/jardimbotanico - 15.00h – 18.00h). The Department of Life Sciences is in a walk away distance from Coimbra main hotels (Point 1 on the map at the bottom of the page). A bus line connecting downtown to the Botanic Garden is available (Linha Botanico, .pdf, 1.9mb, in portuguese)

Coffee and refreshments will be available. Payment at desk must be in cash (Euro Currency). On Monday (September, 10), registration will be open from 08.00h to 12.30h at the Science Museum (Point 2 on the map at the bottom of the page).

Oral sessions

Presenters are required to use the computer provided by the organization. Presentations should be provided to the registration staff one day before the presentation. For those presenting their communications on Monday (September 10) morning the presentations should be send to jorgecan@uc.pt. Oral presentations are scheduled for a maximum of 15 min. plus 3 min. for discussion. Chairs of the sessions will keep strictly to this schedule.


Posters (max 1.2 m x 0.9 m) should be mounted on Monday 10 in the lobby of the 3rd floor of the Departent of Mathematics (Point 3 on the map at the bottom of the page). Poster boards will be labeled with the number of the posters as appearing in Abstract Book (e.g. P21). Posters should remain on display throughout the symposium and should be removed on Thursday (September, 13). The organization will provide pins or other materials to fix the posters.

Meals and coffee breaks

Lunches (September 10 to 13) will be provided  and are included in the registration fee. Coffee breaks will be served during morning and afternoon sessions. On September 10 (Monday), an informal cocktail will be served after the Coimbra tour by night at the Department of Life Sciences. On September 11 (Tuesday) all participants are invited to a berr party at the restaurant Praxis (transport will be available from the congress venue to the restaurant). On Wednesday 12 a dinner will be served at Caves Messias following a visit to Mata do Bassaco (30 kms away from Coimbra). Congress dinner (September, 13th – Thursday) will be held at the Convento São Francisco (left bank of the city, Point 4 on the map at the bottom of the page) followed by a session of Coimbra Fado. Last day of the congress sessions will be held at the Convento São Francisco.


On Saturday (September, 15) a tour to the famous Óbidos city and to the Alcobaça Monestry (indicar os locais) will take place. Lunch will be provided during the tour at a local restaurant. We will make a short stop in Fátima in the way back to Coimbra.


During the symposium the organization will provide wireless internet access to all participants.

How to reach Coimbra

Coimbra is located in the Center of Portugal, 40 kms from the cost. The city has a population of 120.000 with about 35.000 students (this means a lot of noisy…) most of them studying (or not) at the University of Coimbra. The University dates back to the 13th century (1290) and is the oldest university in Portugal and one of the oldest in Europe. The old part of the university is one of the main Portuguese touristic destinations.

The nearest main Portuguese airport from Coimbra is Porto airport. There is a metro connection from Porto airport to Porto train station (Campanhã) (purple line). Buses or taxis are also available. At Campanhã train station there are several connections to Coimbra. The Coimbra main train station is "Coimbra B". There are two types of trains "Pendular" (blue ones in the time table) and "Intercidades" (green ones). Pendular trains are faster but more expensive. The trip will take approximately 1h by Pendular and a little more by Intercidades.

Coimbra can also be easily reached through Lisbon the main Portuguese airport. More companies fly to Lisbon than to Oporto, so it may be is easier to get flights to Lisbon. From Lisbon airport take the metro (http://www.metrolisboa.pt/informacao/planear-a-viagem/diagrama/ - red line, leave it at the "Lisboa Oriente" - 3rd station after the airport- and follow the indications to the train station, 2 floors above) or a taxi to Lisboa Oriente train station, the closest train station near the Lisbon airport. A taxi will cost between 6-10€ depending on hour and luggage). Metro is cheaper. As in the case of Porto there are two types of trains connecting Lisboa to Coimbra: Pendular and Intercidades. The trip takes approximately 1h 45 min by Pendular trains and 1h 55 min by Intercidades.

Note that there is also “Coimbra A” train station which is downtown Coimbra. In Coimbra B there are connections to Coimbra A, but it is faster to reach city center or most of the hotels by taxi (4-6€).

Bus services also connect Lisboa or Porto to Coimbra (http://www.rede-expressos.pt/default.aspx). Bus Coimbra station is located near the hotels Vila Galé and D. Inês.


Liability and Insurance

The registration fee does not include any insurance for the participants or accompanying persons. The organizers are not liable for any injury or damage involving persons and property during the symposium. Participants are advised to take their own personal travel and health insurance for their trip.