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CeBER Research Seminars- Autumn 2019

14 october, 2019
Research Seminars
Research Seminars

The research seminars promoted by CeBER aim at encouraging the discussion of ideas and stimulate the development of a network to support research in Economics and Business Management through the organization of regular meetings for the presentation of research papers on topics relevant to the achievement of the objectives of CeBER. In each seminar members of CeBER, PhD students and invited researchers present their work in progress. The seminars take place on Wednesdays, 2 pm, Room Keynes, unless otherwise indicated. Each seminar lasts for approximately 45-60m:

Research Seminars 

09-10-2019 Marcelo Santos (CeBER Researcher)

 Human capital and genetic diversity 

23-10-2019 Ernesto Nieto Carrillo (Student of the PhD program in Economics)

Recovery and Exit of Zombie Firms in Portugal

30-10-2019 David Cantarero and Marta Pascual (University of Cantabria, GEN and IDIVAL Health Economics Group Spain)

New insights in health polarization and poverty: evidence from European countries

15-11-2019 Stelvia Matos (Reader in Social Innovation & Sustainable Management, Surrey Business School)

Front-end work for sustainable product development

27-11-2019 Christof Backhaus (Professor and Chair in Marketing, Aston Business School, UK)

The Role of Personal Information Provision in Shaping Retail Experiences: The Customer’s Perspective

11-12-2019 Isabel Dimas (CeBER)

Creating successful teams: conditions, processes and results