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Ebook by Applied Econometrics students now available

5 september
Detail from one of the included articles
Detail from one of the included articles

This ebook, available at, comprises the best papers by the students of the Applied Econometrics unit course of the Economics bachelor's degree in the University of Coimbra in the academic year 2022/23. It is the result of a match between research and teaching and highlights the development of research skills by bachelor's students. The book editors expect that this can impact positively the students future professional and academic achievements and see this initiative as one that demonstrates it is possible to develop substantial research skills even at the bachelors' degree.

The papers included are:

  • “Impacto dos riscos económicos, financeiros e políticos no IDH” - Diogo Ricardo Mendes Ferreira & José Guilherme Diogo Manaia
  • “The impact of financial development on renewable energy sector growth in EU countries” - João Coelho, Beatriz Rodrigues, Inês Ribeiro & Herivalda Afonso
  • “The effect of corruption on foreign direct investment” - Pedro Domingues
  • “Qual o efeito do nível de educação por município nos partidos populistas de direita?” - Marta Silva & Pedro Moreira