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Tiago Sequeira interviewed on CM TV

10 december, 2022
Tiago Sequeira's interview
Tiago Sequeira's interview

FEUC and CeBER’s Tiago Sequeira was interviewed on the CM TV channel concerning the development of the Portuguese Economy.

Tiago Sequeira answered the questions in an interview led by the journalist Reginaldo Almeida concerning an alternative model of development for the Portuguese Economy. He focused his answers on the interplay between talent and innovation to push the Portuguese economy for a new level in the Global Value Chain. In particular, he focused on the roles of Universities and Innovation Centers in transfering knowledge to firms that export high valued goods at the international markets. In what the present economic situation is concerned, the professor and CeBER researcher expressed some concerns about the process of progressive proteccionism within blocks of countries in the world. Moreover, he focused in what has been diagnosed as one of the main problems of the portuguese economy as an innovation-friendly economy: markets regulation. Finally, he mentioned that the Universities can play a better role if they can be more open to international talent, both students and professors.