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CeBER Research Seminars - Autumn 2023

20 september

The research seminars promoted by CeBER aim at encouraging the discussion of ideas and stimulate the development of a network to support research in Economics and Business Management through the organization of regular meetings for the presentation of research papers on topics relevant to the achievement of the objectives of CeBER. In each seminar members of CeBER, PhD students and invited researchers present their work in progress. The seminars take place on Wednesdays, 2 pm, Room Keynes, unless otherwise indicated. Each seminar lasts for approximately 45-60m:

Mujaheed Shaikh (Professor of Health Governance, Hertie School, Berlin)

Leader identity and Compound Decisions for Child-Mother Health: Evidence from random seat reservation for female leaders in Indian villages

25-10-2023 (Room 4.4)
Parissa Ghasemi (Student of the PhD in Economics, FEUC)

From Borders to Boardrooms: Immigrants' Impact on Productivity

2-11-2023 (Af. 3.2)- 18:00
Nina Rosenbusch (Associate Professor at the Ivey Business School at Western University in London, Canada)

Gender and Innovation: Meta-Analytical Evidence

8-11-2023 - CANCELLED
Teresa Carla Oliveira (CeBER and FEUC)

Hospitals as healthy workplaces: Enhancing the quality of patient experience through effective leadership and team cohesion in Portuguese hospitals

Isabel Dimas (CeBER and FEUC)

Driving team effectiveness in hybrid teams

29-11-2023 (Room 4.4)
Filipe Coelho (CeBER and FEUC)

Trait affect and financial management: initial insights

6-12-2023 (Room 4.4)

André Alves (Student of the PhD in Management, FEUC)

Corporate culture configurations sufficient for dynamic capability development

Marcelo Duarte (Student of the PhD in Management, FEUC)

The role of national culture on the innovation input-output relationship: a configurational moderation approach


Asif Javed (Università degli Studi "G. D'Annunzio", Visiting Fellow (Ph.D. Student) FEUC)

Quantifying the Impact of Green Energy Transition and Environmental Regulations on Skill-Biased Employment in European Countries: Evidence from Method of Moments Quantile Regression

Feroz Khan (Università degli Studi "G. D'Annunzio", Visiting Fellow (Ph.D. Student) FEUC)

Optimal site selection for floating offshore wind power farm development in Italy based on integrated muti-criteria and GIS analysis