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Pedro Cerqueira interviewed on SIC Notícias

1 september
Pedro Cerqueira's interview
Pedro Cerqueira's interview

FEUC and CeBER’s Pedro Cerqueira was interviewed on the SIC Noticias national TV channel concerning the increase in the price of energy.

In this interview, the researcher recalled the events of the last year, first the return to normality in economic activity in a post-COVID19 vaccine world and the bottlenecks in value chains, but above all by Russia's invasion of Ukraine, the sanctions imposed by the West and the strangulation of Russia's natural gas supply to Europe, as causes for the energy prices exponential increase on international markets, dragging all other prices leading to an increase in inflation. Particularly, in the natural gas market, the very significant increase in its price on the international markets in recent months will end up being reflected in the price for the final consumer, being this increase faster in the liberalized market. To contain this increase, the government will authorize the move to the regulated market, but operators in this market also buy gas in the same international markets and therefore eventually either the regulated tariffs are revised upwards, or operators will be compensated via state budget, with an indirect burden by means of taxes. In any case, the rising energy prices will burden household budgets and households must include this in their family financial management scenarios.