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Executive board and Management

Organization Diagram

All the workpackages that constitute the research program are intertwined and anchored on solid previous research of all team leaders and their collaborators.


Workpackage leaders - they form the Executive Board of the project.

Administrative coordination – Centralized at DAPI, the Project support Unit of the University of Coimbra, and which links with the administrative project managers from each Unit. This Unit Centralizes Scientific and Financial Reporting.

Intelectual property (IP) monitoring task force – represented by the team members with experience in patenting (Rui Bernardes and Antero Abrunhosa) representative per Themes (Neuroscience -Miguel Castelo-Branco, Cardiology – Maria João Vidigal, Oncology - Antero Abrunhosa) as well as a representative from the IP protection office of the University/partner.