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Services Image
  • Human Brain Imaging Functional, MR Spectroscopy, Structural, Connectivity studies.
  • High density EEG/ERP Electrophysiological studies of brain function.
  • Simultaneous EEG/fMRI Multimodal data acquisition and analysis Support in studies of normal cognition and disease
  • Body imaging (heart, liver).
  • Human PET Brain imaging using 11C and 18F compounds, 11C flumazenil for GABA A receptor imaging, 11C PIB for amyloid imaging and GA-68 Dotanoc for somastotatin receptor imaging.
  • Radiopharmaceutical production Production of 11C and 18F based compounds for use in Neuroscience and systemic disorders.
  • Psychophysiological studies Skin conductance, eye movement studies, EMG.
  • Animal imaging in translational research studies using MR and PET prototype, and the use of a fluorescence/bioluminescence in vivo system.
  • Protein Assays; DNA/RNA Assays; Genotyping.
  • Data analysis Running of analysis pipelines of multimodal data.
  • Data archiving Storage, annotation and retrieval.
  • Training in data acquisition.
  • Training in data analysis.