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CIBIT science club at school during the science week 2020

CIBIT members explored a science club at the school during the 2019/2020 school year. On the 25th of November 2020, within the scope of the Scientific Culture Week, professor Miguel Castelo-Branco took the stage to a lecture entitled “Mysteries of the Brain”, who explained objectively what is the vision and its relationship with the brain.

The students remembered what light is and how we perceive color, recalling several concepts such as radiation, electromagnetic spectrum, wavelength, frequency, light beam, color blindness and vision. It was explained that the perception of visual reality, results from the interaction between the brain and the organs of vision, where the experience of the context has a fundamental role.

Images and videos were used, with interactive exercises, which demonstrated how our brain reacts to what it perceives as a “reality built by experiencing the world”.

Based on the experiences perceived in daily life, our brain creates "event patterns". In this way an illusionist directs our visual attention to a place or object, confusing our brain and generating an illusion.

This was a successful colaboration between CIBIT/ICNAS researchers and the Martim de Freitas School financed by the POCH.