Coimbra Laser Lab

Concluded projects

  • Time-resolved photoluminescence study of the interaction of oligo- and polyfluorenes with liposomes and in organic solvents of different polarities.

María José Tapia  University of Burgos, Spain
 14 June 2010 to 2 July 2010

  • Singlet and triplet energy migration and transfer in CCP/DNA aggregates.

Matthew Davies  Multidisciplinary Nanotechnology Centre, Swansea, Wales, UK
 28 June 2010 to 18 July 2010

  • FRET-based Conjugated Polymer Macromolecular Switch for Bio-Anion Recognition.

 Rachel Claire Evans  School of Chemistry, Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland
 12 July 2010 to 28 July 2010

  • Laser radiation induced and spontaneous proton migration in monomeric cytosine. Low-temperature matrix-isolation studies.

 Maciej J. Nowak  Institute of Physics, Polish Academy of Sciences, Poland
 26 July 2010 to 18 August 2010

  • Isomerizations in nucleic acid base analogues induced by UV and NIR narrowband laser light.

 Leszek Lapinski  Institute of Physics, Polish Academy of Sciences, Poland
 27 November 2010 to 19 December 2010

  • Photoacoustic calorimetry of transition metal complexes: towards efficient photocatalysis.

 Julia Weinstein Department of Chemistry, University of Sheffield, UK
 22 January 2011 to 29 January 2011

  • Laser-induced photochemistry of neurotransmitters and their model compounds isolated in cryogenic matrices.

 Sonia Melandri  Bologna University, Bologna, Italy
 6 February 2011 to 19 February 2011

  • All-Conjugated, Hyperbranched Multiblockcopolymers.

 Jan-Moritz Koenen  University of Wuppertal, Wuppertal, Germany
 11 September 2011 to 1 October 2011

  • Conformational transformations and photochemistry of eugenol and isoeugenol using tunable UV and near infrared laser irradiation.

 Maria Wierzejewska  Faculty of Chemistry, University of Wroclaw, Poland
 11 September 2011 to 1 October 2011

  • Photoacoustic calorimetry of transition metal complexes.

 Paul A. Scattergood  Department of Chemistry, University of Sheffield, UK
 23 October 2011 to 5 November 2011

  • Conformational transformations induced by laser-MOPO-tunable NIR radiation.

 Maciej J. Nowak  Institute of Physics, Polish Academy of Sciences, Poland
 31 October 2011 to 23 November 2011

  • Dynamics of conformationally-constrained oligopeptides by time-resolved spectroscopy techniques.

 Emanuella Gatto  University of Rome Tor Vergata, Italy
 23 November 2011 to 5 December 2011

  • FTIR Spectroscopic and Theoretical Study of Matrix-Isolated Ionic Liquids

Nihal Kus  Anadolu University, Turkey

From 17 July 2013 to 10 August 2013

  • Excited state dynamics of indigo-fluorene-copolymers

Anika Eckert Wuppertal University, Germany

From 13 October 2013 to 1 November 2013

  • Study of physicochemical properties of NADH and its binding dynamics to enzymes


Julia Horilova  Pavol Jozef Šafárik University and International Laser Centre Bratislava, Slovakia

From 11 November 2013 to 25 November 2013

  • Early events in the interaction between photosensitizers and small molecules


Janusz Dabrowski  Jagiellonian University, Poland

From 13 November 2013 to 30 November 2013

  • Solid state photochemistry of two salicylidene anilines studied by time resolved spectroscopy


Mihaela Avadanei  “Petru Poni” Institute of Macromolecular

Chemistry, Romania

From 18 January 2014 to 1 February 2014

  • FTIR Spectroscopic and Theoretical Study of Matrix-Isolated Ionic Liquids


Anna Halasa Institute of Physics, Polish Academy of Sciences, Poland

From 19 February 2014 to 12 March 2014

  • Role of doping profile on the charge carrier dynamics of metal oxide photoelectrodes for solar fuel applications


Monica Barroso Utrecht University, Netherlands

From 7 January 2015 to 20 January 2015

  • Singlet fission in quinoidal enriched oligothiophenes featuring the cyanine limit


María Moreno Oliva University of Málaga, Spain

From 18 February 2015 to 14 March 2015

  • Photoluminescence decay dynamics of aggregate induced emission (AIE)-active polymers


Wenyue Dong  Bergische Universität Wuppertal, Germany

From 26 April 2015 to 16 May 2015

  • Studies of mechanisms of photoisomerization of aromatic azo compounds isolated in cryogenic matrices


Leonid Khriachtchev  University of Helsinki, Finland

From 11 May 2015 to 31 May 2015

  • Non-radiative Deactivation Pathways in AIEE Active Conjugated Organic Compounds


Junqing Shi  IMDEA Nanoscience, Spain

From 17 May 2014 to 27 May 2015