Centro de Geociências / Geosciences Center

CGeo governance


To implement its program, CGEO has a governance structure which includes five units: the board, the plenum, the internal advisory team (including one representative from each management institutional member, to secure their best organic articulation with the center), the external advisors team and the stakeholders’ panel.

The board meets at least once a month; it includes the Director of the Centre (M. H. Henriques, who also secures the institutional responsibilities and the articulation with the central management at UC), the former director (R. P. Reis) and 3 vice-directors who are the principal investigators of each of the three research clusters: Fossil Energy and Sustainable Development (N. Vaz), Geotechnology (M. Q. Ferreira) and Quaternary, Human Adaptations and Landscape Management (L. Oosterbeek).

The plenum includes all integrated researchers; apart from electing the Director it meets once a year, for the balance of activities and next year prospects, also with the contribution of CGEO collaborators.

The internal advisory team will interact with the board whenever needed to solve any unforeseen need or difficulty; it also has the responsibility, together with the board, to secure the execution of the allocated budget, including the articulation of funds management which might slightly differ across the involved institutions.

The external advisors team is composed by reputed scholars who have access to CGEO’s outputs and outcomes, and produce an assessment on them.

  • Benno Werlen (University of Jena - Germany)
  • Luis I. González de Vallejo (Universidad Complutense de Madrid - Spain)
  • Chris Scarre (University of Durham - United Kingdom)
  • François Djindjian (UISPP, Université de Paris 1, Panthéon-Sorbonne - France)
  • Stanley Finney (Department of Geological Sciences, California State University, Long Beach - USA)
  • Juan Carlos Gutierrez Marco (Instituto de Geociencias, Consejo Superior de Investigación Cientifica - Spain)
  • Paul Post (United States Geological Survey - USA)
  • Stephen P Hesselbo (University of Exeter - UK)

The stakeholders´ panel includes external partners from the academic sector (e.g. the Universities of Santander or Ferrara) and those related to applied “demand-driven” research from the public (e.g. museums) and private (companies or enterprises clusters, such as NERSANT or KALKULO) sectors.