Centro de Geociências / Geosciences Center



The Geosciences Centre of the University of Coimbra (CGEO), created in 1975, presents a project for 2018-22 with the following strategic guidelines: reinforcing the presence in the European research space through excellence in research and teaching, the intensification of connections with society and the surrounding environment, and the promotion of rational, responsible and thorough management of resources. It is articulated in 3 research clusters:                                                                  

    • Fossil Energy and Sustainable Development;
    • Geotechnology;
    • Quaternary, human adaptations and landscape management.

    CGEO projects are not a wide set of independent issues, but a single program organized in three clusters (flexible and integrated), to deliver comparable analytical results and transferrable methods and techniques. CGEO has obtained research recognition and impact in the aforementioned clusters, including on heritage evaluation and management. Its members have contributed and will continue to participate in international steering committees on fossil energy, integrated science of sustainability and quaternary studies.