Centro de Geociências / Geosciences Center

Implementation strategy


The strategy designed follows the path undertaken from 2013, moving from launching (2014-17) to cruise phase (2018-22). It is focused in structuring territory based projects bridging 3 domains of human adaptation: identification of resources, their transformation through technology and mechanisms of identification of needs and design of strategies to face dilemmas.

These are key elements of contemporary debates on sustainability, but also on Portugal’s development, dealing with concerns and opportunities related to energy resources, continental platform or management of lesser demographic density areas. CGEO inserts a time length filter to identify, in different contexts, how choices relating resources and techniques operated in transition periods in the past (geological and human scales), and may operate still today.

Thus the option, clear in the list of publications (see “Geosciences Centre: an interdisciplinary research cluster”), to undertake activities in several countries and networking with so many international research teams. CGEO projects are not wide set of independent issues, but a single program organized in three clusters (flexible and integrated), to deliver comparable analytical results and transferrable methods and techniques.

The strategy is consolidated through establishing research oriented networking structural tools: close relation with international academic bodies, participating in the coordination of several projects (IUGS and IGCP, CIPSH and WHC, UISPP, REALP); association to several Master and PhD programs (in Portugal, Spain, France, Italy and Cape Verde, including Erasmus Mundus PhD and Masters) engaging many research students; direct interaction with UNESCO (2 UNESCO chairs, close interaction with Geoparks or MOST programs); close cooperation with several private companies designing geotechnical contextualized solutions.