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Imperial Barrel Award

AAPG's Imperial Barrel Award Program (IBA) is an annual prospective basin evaluation competition for geoscience graduate students from universities around the world. The program is rigorous and contributes to AAPG's mission of promoting petroleum geoscience training and advancing the careers of geoscience students. Since 2013 the University of Coimbra participates in this global competition in Prague (Czech Republic) with a team of five students advised by the Director of the Geosciences Center, Rui Pena dos Reis.

(To learn more: http://iba.aapg.org/)


IBA Competition (European region) - 2015 University of Coimbra Team

2015 Team members

  • André Cortesão
  • Dany Abreu
  • Marta Reis
  • Filipa Domingos
  • Laura Hernandez

Last editions

2014 Team members:


IBA Competition (European region) - 2014 University of Coimbra Team

Bruno Teixeira
Rui Pires
Jorge Carvalho
Cristel Martins
Marisa Santos

2013 Team members: 

Mafalda Luciano 
Lineu Palmeira 
Marco Cunha 
Silvia Silva 
Mafalda Miranda

IBA Competition (European region) - 2013 University of Coimbra Team