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2020Beatriz Santos MartinsThe effect of omega-3 supplementation on chick growth and foraging ecology of Cape Verde shearwater (Calonectris edwardsii)
2020Carlos Miguel Antão FonsecaContributions to the ecology of an endemic reptile of Cabo Verde, Chioninia vaillantii
2020Daniela Catarina Cruz OliveiraNative vertebrate predation over exotic eucalyptus insect pests
2020Danielle Lacerda RudleyAssessing alpine shrub response to climate change
2020Fabrice Aires MachadoAre the predictive tools used to assess pesticide environmental risks appropriate to ensure low risk to aquatic organisms? The case study of mandipropamid
2020Flávio Alexandre Mestre FrancoMercury Bioaccumulation In Flatfish Species Of The Portuguese Coast
2020Inês Figueiredo RodriguesN-contamination may camouflage salinization effects on leaf litter decomposition
2020Joana Rita Costa FragãoMicroplastics in Penguins from Antarctic Peninsula
2020João Frederico Melo AlvesLand-use effect on Chrysoperla carnea and related biocontrol against Prays oleae in olive groves
2020João Pedro Cardoso de OliveiraUrban gulls: advantages and disadvantages of living in the city
2020João Pedro Costa RibeiroThe role of biotic seed dispersers on post-fire regeneration
2020Patrícia FerreiraThe effect of temperature in the toxicity of agrochemicals to collembolans
2020Manuel José Pereira RodriguesFish As A Source Of Minerals In A Growing World
2020Raquel Martins Pinto MirandaAcoustic Ecology of Red Deer in a Mediterranean Landscape
2020Sara Helena Moreira dos SantosHow lipid rich chick diet affects the foraging ecology of adult Cory's Shearwater in the breeding season
2020Sofia Murteira RelvasTesting the Activity Budget Hypothesis to explain sexual segregation in red deer
2019Ana Filipa Ribeiro de OliveiraThe role of environmental factors in the diet and reproductive parameters of Little Terns (Sternula albifrons)
2019 Ana Mafalda de Castro Reis Marque Assessing spatial and trophic segregation between neighbouring colonies of a marine top predator in a upwelling system
2019 António Augusto Coelho Correia Effect of naphthoquinones in Meloidogyne luci life cycle and evaluation of their recovery through gene expression analysis
2019 Beatriz Almeida de Lacerda Pereira The genetic basis of feather structure in birds: mapping of the intensive, frosted and frilled factors in domesticated canaries
2019 Filipa João da Silva Marques Study on the perceptions of climate change in the municipality of Penela
2019 Filipe Ferreira da Costa Mercury accumulation in fish species along the Portuguese Coast: Are there potential risks for Human health?
2019 Hugo Rafael Rodrigues Guimaro Cephalopod component of Snares Penguins (Eudyptes robustus) at Snares Islands, New Zealand
2019 Joana Filipa Magalhães da Silva Commercial fish as bioindicators of pollution along the Portuguese coast
2019 João Nuno Gomes Monteiro Effect of extreme climatic events on Carcinus maenas population in the Mondego estuary
2019 José Pedro dos Santos Abreu Inter-decadal variations of habitat and trophic ecology of Antarctic squid related to oceanographic conditions around South Georgia
2019 Juliana Batista Barros Effects of Freshwater Salinization Promoted by Different Ions on Oak Leaf Decomposition
2019 Lara Rodrigues Cerveira Implications of seasonal and annual changes in oceanic productivity on the at-sea spatial and temporal consistency of Cape Verde shearwaters (Calonectris edwardsii)
2019 Luis António Fonseca Henriques Effects of glycerol supplementation on muscle lipids in rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss)
2019 Maria Inês Laranjeiro Gouveia Santos Seabirds as biomonitors of metal contamination and environmental health in the North Atlantic
2019 Miguel Fonseca Pinto Interannual variability in early life history and estuarine colonization of European seabass Dicentrarchus labrax
2019Milene Alexandra Duarte Nobre Guerreiro Importance of nursery areas for early life stages of fish at central coast of Portugal
2019 Patrícia Teixeira Vaz Do gulls like fast food? Comparing the diet in refuse dumps, urban and natural sites
2019 Ricardo Pedro da Silva Oliveira Differences in leaf traits of Vitis vinifera varieties affect their decomposition in streams
2019 Rita Lino Soares City or countryside: where is the best place for gulls to live?
2019 Sofia Frade dos Santos Downside in habitat restoration: Predation of artificial nests by invasive rodents in Macaro-nesian Laurel forest
2018 Adriana Reimão Carvalho Are fungal strains from salinized streams functionally more efficient than their conspecifics from reference streams?
2018Ana Margarida Dias Ferrão Fonseca Drought recovery of Maritime pine saplings (Pinus pinaster Ait.): Short and Long-term effects
2018 Beatriz Almeida Pina Using otolith microchemistry for disclosing nursery habitat use patterns by juvenile Solea senegalensis
2018Carolina Martins Ribeiro Red and roe deer in the Lousã Mountain: Are they using the same ecological resources?
2018Catarina Constantino Siopa The role of selfing in the establishment of neotetraploid lineages of Jasione maritima
2018 Catarina Santos Coelho Males and females with their backs turned - a study of sexual segregation in red deer
2018 Cristiana Pereira Vieira Relating diet quality and foraging ecology of Cape Verde shearwater with measures of adult and chick condition
2018 Daniela Carolina da Costa Silva Economic potential of marine bivalves of the Portuguese coast: ecological and biochemical characterization
2018 Ivo Nobre Sarmento dos Santos Assessing diet quality and foraging ecology of Bulwer’s petrel breeding in Cape Verde
2018 Joana Daniela Nunes Rosa Parasite removal and coloration in male serins (Serinus serinus). An experiment.
2018 Joaquim Miguel Nunes dos Santos Accelerating Digitisation of Biological Collections for Fast Ecological Information Retrieval
2018José Pedro Marques Queirós Feeding Ecology of Antarctic toothfish Dissostichus mawsoni in the Ross and adjacent seas
2018 Manuela dos Santos Rodrigues Mechanisms constraining distribution of juvenile Spoonbills Platalea leucorodia
2018 Márcia Filipa Carrilho Ansiães Development and optimization of tungsten-accumulator bacteria as biotools for raw materials recovery
2018 Mikael Alvites Moura The impact of drought events on the xylogenesis and phloem anatomy of Pinus pinaster Aiton saplings
2018 Nelson Emanuel Gouveia do Coito How marine gulls (Larus michahellis and Larus audouinii) interact with fisheries
2018 Raquel Cardoso Cabeças Lopes de Oliveira Avoidance behaviour of wild ungulates to roads: Its effects on spatial distribution, habitat use and activity patterns
2018 Ricardo Silva Matias Habitat, trophic ecology and mercury levels of two Antarctic octopod species
2018Sara Beatriz Marques Mendes Impacto da perturbação do habitat nos serviços de polinização em Jasione maritima var. sabularia (Cout.) Sales & Hedge
2018 Sara Maria Brito Lopes Size matters: The role of plant genome size on post-fire regeneration strategies
2018 Sara Nujo Veríssimo The role of fisheries in yellow-legged gulls' diet
2018 Tamara Priscila Faleiro Pereira Leite Does salinization of freshwater alter fish behaviour?
2017 Diana João Cravo Rodrigues Testing the effect of singing speed as an agonistic signal in acoustic communication of Serins
2017 Eduardo de Castro Lobato Driven by the moon: the foraging behaviour of Procellariiforms at night
2017 Nisansala Wijewardene Salinization of freshwater coastal ecosystems: possible impacts on the genetic diversity of zooplankton populations
2016 Ana Daniela Cascão Alves Hazard assessment of organic wastes: effects on soil microarthropod communities
2016 Carlos Jorge da Silva Gonçalves Chick provisioning regulation in Cory's shearwaters (Calonectris borealis): is there a coordination between the pair?
2016 Diana Vanessa Macedo Matos How fishery discards affect the spatial and trophic ecology of two gull species breeding in sympatry
2016 Fernanda Fernandes Garcia Sexual Segregation in red deer: a question of food?
2016 Gonçalo Barros Mota Riscos socioambientais decorrentes do uso de produtos fitofarmacêuticos. A utilização de produtos fitofarmacêuticos em Montemor-o-Novo
2016 Henrique José Figueiredo Gonçalves Demographic parameters of seabirds in the North Atlantic along a marine productivity gradient
2016 Inês Sofia Mendes Carneiro Territorial and Social Behaviour of the Pyrenean desman (Galemys pyrenaicus) assessed from Scat Deposition
2016 Joana Carolina Raposo Brito A spatial-oriented ecosystem based model to evaluate ecosystem impacts of fisheries
2016 Mykola Rasko Venom metering in scorpions under controlled threat levels
2016 Nádia Sofia Francisco Morado Cleaning mutualism between the facultative cleaner Centrolabrus exoletus (Linnaeus, 1758)and its client fishes
2016 Stefan Martins Ribeiro Ecology of carnivorous species in urban ecosystems: Are they adapted?
2015 Ana Catarina Ventura Marques Vaz Nursery habitat colonization by juvenile sole (Solea solea L.) in the North Atlantic and Mediterranean – a latitudinal perspectiv e
2015 Ana Rita do Jurado e Pereira Leaf litter decomposition in a fluvial-estuarine environment
2015 Ana Sofia Penteado Vilela Stress in red deer induced by human pressure
2015 Cristiano Rafael Alves Gante Responses of marine organisms to azoxystrobin and its commercial formulation Ortiva
2015 Cristina Alexandra Salgado Torre Microbial decomposers diversity and litter decomposition along an elevation gradient in temperate and tropical stream ecosystems
2015 Diogo Samuel Paixão do Nascimento Assessing the lack of intolerant macroinvertebrate species in a low order peri-urban stream
2015 Eduardo Manuel Castro Antunes Granja Bento A decadal trend of juvenile European sea bass (Dicentrarchus labrax, L.) responses to climate patterns in the Mondego estuary, Portugal
2015 Janine Pereira da Silva Importance of fungal richness on leaf decomposition in salt-enriched streams: a microcosm study
2015 Joana Filipa Gomes Calado Stable isotopes and regurgitations reveal differential consumption of fishery discards by yellow-legged and Audouin's gulls breeding in sympatry
2015 Justin Silva Pereira Environmetnal driven sexual segregation in a marine predator
2015 Liliana Marisa Barrocas Almeida Birds with personality: consistent behavioural differences between two species of passerine birds
2015 Mariana Morais Valente Year round resource abundance in native and exotic woodlands in Central Portugal
2015 Marta Alexandra Domingues Frazão Surf zone zooplankton communities: spatial patterns on rocky and sandy beaches of the Portuguese coast
2015 Milton Rolando Avalos Lliguin Patterns of change in the Foraging Strategies of Cory’s Shearwater (Calonectris borealis) after a drastic climatic event
2015 Nuno Xavier de Jesus Capela Climate change effects on Porcellionides sexfasciatus (Isopoda) inhabiting metal-contaminated sites
2015 Sara Isabel Carneiro Simões Effects of salinization on aquatic hyphomycetes activity and leaf litter decomposition
2015 Susana Gonçalves Ferreira Comprido Importance of fungal species on shredders feeding behavior
2015 Susana Rita Paulo Pinheiro Long-term predation pressure exerted by juvenile flatfish on macrobenthic communities in an estuarine area
2015 Tiago Antonio Pinto Ferreira The Response of Reptile Communities to Wildfires in the Serra da Estrela Natural Park
2014 Carla Sofia Rodrigues Pereira Prediction of salinization effects on soil ecosystems due to climate chan
2014 Catarina Santos Lopes The role of vegetation cover and diet in explaining long-term changes in the breeding population of Little Terns (Sternula albifrons) in Ria Formosa, Algarve
2014 Daniela Susana Rodrigues Tavares Evolution of invasiveness: the case study of the invasive Oxalis pes-caprae in the Mediterranean basin
2014 David Martins Acúrcio Is contaminant-driven avoidance independent of distance? An experimental demosntration of the spacelessness theorem at a realistic scale
2014 Dina Amanda Mendes Gonçalves Mesozooplankton biomass and secondary production in a temperate estuary: effects of processes operating at  different time scales
2014 Eliana Caramujo Soukiazes Multiple ornaments and sexual selection in a passerine bird: the Serin
2014 Filipa Alexandra de Ferreira Reis Collembola diversity in Portuguese forest stands: deriving surrogates for species richness and evaluating the effects of forest type and grazing
2014 Joana Sofia Costa Neves Pais de Faria Using a seabird top predator to assess the adequacy of the Berlengas Marine Protected Areas
2014 João Filipe Bernardo Neves Impact of illegal glass eel (Anguilla anguilla) fishery on estuarine fish stocks: a case study in the Mondego Estuary
2014 José Pedro Moreirão Cerca Monteiro de Oliveira Pollinator preference in a hybrid zone between two generalist plant species
2014 Lucie Mota Evolution of haploid chromosome numbers in the sunflower family. Are genomic duplications associated to ancient climate changes?
2014 Marina Kuburic Tolerance and co-tolerance of microbial communities on leaf litter to silver nanoparticles and antibiotics
2014 Pedro Filipe Marques Isidoro Using species traits to assess ecological integrity of urban streams
2014 Ricardo João Cruz Silva Simões Plantas Invasoras no Jardim Botânico da Universidade de Coimbra: contribuição para a elaboração de um plano gestão
2014 Rita Alexandra Trindade da Silva Costs of osmoregulation by Black-winged stilt chicks (Himantopus himantopus ) raised in high saline environments
2014 Rui Daniel Antunes Machado Diet and isotopic niche of insectivorous birds in montado and their potential role in pest regulation
2014 Sanjay Saha Sonet Do hyper-accumulator plants make good neighbours?
2014 Sara Joana Pereira Pedro Mercury accumulation in Gentoo penguins Pygoscelis papua: spatial, temporal, and intraspecific variations
2014 Sérgio Diogo Costa Ribeiro Acacia longifolia and gall networks in Portugal: understanding the impacts and the implications for biocontrol
2014 Tiago Miguel Guerreiro Valente Feeding ecology of gentoo penguins Pygoscelis papua at Livingston Island (Antarctic)
2014 Tilahun Mulatu Fikadu Modelling Temporal and spatial changes in landscape configuration and land-management in Montado system: impact on diversity of land cover and biodiversity patterns
2014 Tolutope Oluseyi Akeju Assessment of the effects of the neonicotinoids thiacloprid and acetamiprid on soil fauna
2013 Ana Sofia dos Santos Afonso Effects of flower position on the sexual specialization within inflorescences
2013 Ana Teresa Ferreira das Neves Estudo do efeito da estrutura do canto das Milheirinhas (Serinus serinus) na competição entre os machos
2013 André Filipe da Conceição Silveira To be or not to be a specialist: feeding and refuelling by reed warblers in Portugal
2013 Anne Marie Wells Exploration and Development of Early Childhood Ecological Education
2013 Anthony Martins de Abreu Structural and functional responses of macrobenthic communities to climate variability: a comparison between distinct climate scenarios
2013 Asgdom Malu Tesfaye Ecotoxicity characterization of a South European big man-made reservoir: a cost-effective tool-box to assess ecological receptors and functions at most risk
2013 Conceição Alexandra Costa Caetano Intertidal meiofauna communities along the South arm of Mondego estuary: Spatial and temporal variability in relation to environmental parameters
2013 Filipe José Afonso Sabino de Sousa Louro Heritability and inheritance of tolerance to copper in Daphnia magna
2013 Isabel Maria Nabais Febra The importance of inert fine sediments on leaves microbial decomposition and aquatic invertebrates (Sericostoma vittatum) consumption
2013 Joana Isabel da Rocha Magalhães Acoustic adaptation to high and low frequency noise in the Serin (Serinus serinus)
2013 João Diogo Calado Martins Mina Relationship between genome size, serpentine adaptation and cryptic sexuallity in the ectomycorrhizal fungus Cenococcum geophilum
2013 José Sérgio Maurício Seco O papel dos Cefalópodes na cadeia alimentar Antárctica: uma perspectiva através da dieta dos predadores
2013 Margarida Isabel Pinto Soares Foraging ecology strategies of Cory's Shearwater in Poro Santo Island
2013 Paula Joana Azevedo Fernandes Study of a wild rabbit (Oryctolagus cuniculus) population. Habitat factors related to its spatial distribution
2013 Pedro Luis Brito Lopes A utilização de dois habitats de zonas húmidas pelo Rouxinol Bravo Cettia cetti durante períodos de elevado dispêndio de energia
2013 Rogério Velloso Missagia Year-round distribution suggests spatial segregation of Cory's Shearwaters (Calonectris diomedea borealis), based on breeding experience
2013 Urtelinda Silva Ramos Reproductive biology of an endangered seabird species, the Macaronesian shearwater Puffinus baroli baroli
2012 António Pedro Teixeira Vareia Efeito da perturbação ambiental e antrópica na variabilidade dos agrupamentos piscícolas em cursos intermitentes
2012 Cátia Isabel Pinto Domingos Effect of temperature and presence of a dominant shredder (Allogamus laureatus) in the variability patterns of macroinvertebrate assemblages associated with decomposing leaf litter
2012 Filipe Chichorro de Carvalho Efeito de diferentes tipos de gestão em olivais nos microartrópodes de solo usando uma abordagem funcional
2012 Francisco José de Oliveira Brás Mortágua Nunes Estudo da distribuição espacial das colónias de coelho-bravo (Oryctolagus cuniculus): aplicação nas acções de repovoamento
2012 Inês Filipa Lopes dos Santos Effects of light intensity on leaf litter quality for the shredder Sericostoma vittatum
2012 Jean Mathieu Bazenga Renaud What more can avoidance assays tell us?: using avoidance assays as a tool to predict the recolonization potential of contaminated sites
2012 Joana Filipa da Costa Cruz Evaluating the effectiveness of seed dispersal in urban novel-ecosystems
2012 José David Costa da Cunha Efeitos da nutrição de praias na comunidade macrofaunal de uma praia arenosa da Costa Ocidental Portuguesa
2012 José Manuel Ferrão Abrantes Climatic information in tree-ring width and vessel features of Quercus ilex L.
2012 Marta Raquel Cardoso Lopes Correia Reproductive biology of Australian acacias in Portugal
2012 Neuza Luiza da Silva Domingues Ex vivo and in vivo studies with VO (dmpp)2: validation of its anti-diabetic properties
2012 Patrícia Alexandra Nunes de Matos The effects of mercury contamination on the structure and functioning of the macrobentic assemblages of the Ria de Aveiro (Portugal)
2012 Patrícia Joana Rodrigues Oliveira Antunes Biosorption of uranium in contaminated waters: the potential of four plant species for remediation of streams affected by acid mine drainages
2012 Tito Rafael Ferreira Mendes The effects of azoxystrobin and temperature on the mitochondrial activity of the green crab Carcinus maenas
2012 Vânia Isabel Neves Correia A short-term sublethal in situ toxicity assay with snails to assess and monitor river water quality : a tool for a functional approach
2011 Ana Margarida Vitorino Leitão Sexual selection: the influence of personality, behavioural and ornamental traits in the mate choice of Serin (Serinus serinus )
2011 David Garrido Dinis Effects of extreme weather events and large scale factors in the population of Crangon crangon (L.1758) in the Mondego estuary
2011 Elena Solohin Assessing the ecotoxicological impact of surface water contamination from concentrated animal feeding operations in Wood County, Ohio
2011 Fábio Jorge Maximino Sequeira Caracterização das comunidades de aves e formigas ao longo de um gradiente de perturbação agricola
2011 Gabriel Alexandre Isidoro Duarte Soil salinization as a stress factor for soil fauna
2011 Hugo Filipe de Sousa Variação de biodiversidade de lepidópteros diurnos em função dos incêndios
2011 Liliana del Carmen Murillo Contreras Defining ecoregions based on soil invertebrates for defining pesticide exposure scenarios
2011 Nuno Januário de Figueiredo Leite Population dynamics and productivity of Echinogammarus marinus (Leach) in the Mondego estuary throughout three decades
2011 Pieter Van Der Linden The functional composition of the benthic invertebrate community of the Mondego estuary: insights within the functioning of this ecosystem
2011 Thais de Toledo Ribas Payments for environmental services as a policy tool for conserving the portuguese montado ecosystem