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Seminários DEI/CISUC

Os Seminários DEI/CISUC terão lugar na sala A5, às 13h (em ponto)




Tiago Cruz
No, we can't just let you hack your way to doomsday14/03/2018
Karima Velasquez
Proactive Virtual Machine Migration in Fog Environments 04/04/2018
Jorge CS Cardoso
Interaction techniques for virtual reality locomotion11/04/2018
João Barata
A socio-technical perspective on industry 4.0: Review and research directions18/04/2018
Samuel Neves
Optimal PRFs from Blockcipher Designs16/05/2018
Marco Simões
Combining machine learning and neuroimaging techniques in the study of the autism spectrum disorder23/05/2018
Aldina Piedade
Modelling Mobility Disruption Due to Natural and Manmade Hazards. An Agent-based Approach30/05/2018
Andreia Guerreiro
Portfolio Selection in Evolutionary Algorithms06/06/2018
Duarte Raposo
IoT in Industrial Environments13/06/2018
Nuno Lourenço
Using Genetic Programming is NEAT: Evolving Compositional Pattern Production Functions20/06/2018
João Paulo Fernandes
Ranking Programming Languages for their Energy Efficiency27/06/2018
Joana Costa
Learning from Crowds in Dynamic Environments11/07/2018
Naghmeh Ivaki
Trustworthy software systems: assessment and challenges18/07/2018