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Secure Development in the Real World

8 junho
Afonso Araújo Neto
Afonso Araújo Neto
© Afonso Araújo Neto

What: Secure Development in the Real World, Afonso Araújo Neto, Dognaedis/Cipher

When: 2021-06-08 - 17:30


Abstract: Today the Internet and academia in general provide us with no short amount of techniques and models that are ideal frameworks suitable for the implementation of secure development practices. However, the reality is that, while considered critical, security can hardly be seen as the most important requirement of a development lifecycle, and will inevitably lose priority to other factors. In this presentation, we will talk about how secure development lifecycle is typically idealized and constrast it with what it turns out to be in the real world. On the same topic, we take a look on the difficulties and challenges that universal and straightforward best practices end up facing when met with reality's limitations.