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Open Classes on Sound Design: Analysing the musical surface of Maracatu de Baque Solto

9 dezembro, 2020
Open Classes on Sound Design
Open Classes on Sound Design
© Matthew Davies

"Maracatu de baque solto" is a Carnival performance combining music, poetry, and dance, occurring in the Zona da Mata Norte region of Pernambuco (Northeast Brazil). Maracatu percussive music is strongly repetitive, and is played as loud and as fast as possible. Both from a music signal analysis and ethnomusicological perspective this makes a complex musical scene to analyse and interpret. In this presentation I will provide an overview of the processing steps necessary to support high-level, ethnomusicological analysis of Maracatu. In particular, I will address the process of signal acquisition, estimation of rhythmic structure, and the subsequent visualization of microtiming profiles. 

Matthew Davies is a music information retrieval researcher with a background in digital signal processing and machine learning, and currently holds an FCT Investigator Development Grant in CISUC. His main research interests include the analysis of rhythm in musical audio signals, evaluation methodology, creative music applications, music therapy, and reproducible research. His most recent research has been in the development of deep neural networks for the analysis of rhythmic structure applied to western and non-western music.