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Dear costumers if you intend to send samples for analyzis, please fill out the Analyses Requisition Formulary to better assist you. If you need more details, you can search for additional information about the available techniques in our research centre on the links below. For more information contact us by e-mail cideq@eq.uc.pt or telephone +351 239 798 788/790. 

Identification and/or quantification of compounds:
Gas chromatography (GC)
High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC-DAD/RI)
Fourier Transform Infra-Red Spectroscopy (FT-IR) with a GC interface
Thin Layer Chromatography (TLC-UV)
Ultraviolet/visible spectrophotometer (UV/VIS)
Elemental Analysis (O,CHNS)
Karl Fischer
Nitrogen quantification by Kjeldahl method
Quantification of oxygen in gaseous mixtures
Identification and quantification of ions:
Flame/Graphite Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy (metallic ions)
Mass Spectrometry/Gas Chromatography (GC/MS)
Ionic Chromatography (anions and cations)

Viscosity and/or molecular weight determination:

Vapour Pressure Osmometer
Membrane Osmometer
Size Exclusion Chromatography (SEC)
Rotational viscometer

Environmental analysis:
Total Organic Carbon (TOC)
Chemical Oxygen Demand (CQO)
Biochemical Oxygen Demand (CBO5)
LUMIStox (Determination of the toxicity of liquid samples by measuring the inhibition of light produced by Vibrio fischeri bacteria)

Particle Size, charge and Porosity:
Laser diffraction- LDS (1000-0.05 mm; Malvern Mastersizer 2000)
Zetasizer Nano ZS (zeta potential and DLS; 3000-3 nm) + SEC
Time of Transition Theory – TOT (Fiber characterization)
Mercury Intrusion Porosimetry
High precision refractometer
Optical microscopy with image analysis

Rotational Viscometers (Brookfield)
Rotational Rheometer (Haake RS1)

Thermal Analysis:
Dynamic Mechanical Thermal Analysis (DMTA)
Differential Scanning Calorimetry (DSC)
Thermogravimetric Analysis (TGA)
Simultaneous Differential Thermal Analysis (SDT)
Thermal constants analyzer

Surface Properties:
Inverse Gas Chromatography
Dimensional Stability Tester
Contact angle determination
Reverse phase chromatography
Balance for surface tension determination

Climatic chamber with control of humidity and temperature
Vibrating tube densimeter
Solid-liquid extraction
Extraction with supercritical carbon dioxide
Solid-liquid extraction by hydrodistillation
Oven chamber
Measurement of the speed of sound
Measurement of VLE and VE at low temperature

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