The 2023 Summer School in Computational Biology will be an intensive course targeted to students from the M. Sc. to post-doctoral levels with either biological or exact sciences backgrounds who wish to acquire skills in Computational Biology. It will have four main components:

  • Introductory lectures on mathematics and physics for biologists, and biology for exact sciences students (parallel tracks),
  • courses on specialized Computational Biology topics ranging from the molecular level to integrated physiological systems,
  • seminars on recent developments,
  • mini-research projects where the students will have opportunity to apply the acquired skills to realistic research problems.

Illustrative applications will emphasize biomedical problems.

Topics covered:

  • Core knowledge for modeling biological systems
  • Molecular dynamics for lipid membranes and proteins
  • Protein-ligand interactions and drug discovery
  • Data Science in Biology
  • Transcriptomics to characterize cellular mechanisms
  • Kinetic modeling of metabolic and signaling processes
  • Modeling of physiological systems

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