Satellite meeting of the 9th European Congress of Mathematics, Sevilla 2024

Representation theory has a rich and colourful history. From a classic viewpoint, representation theory is the study of abstract algebraic structures, such as groups, rings, algebras (associative or not), by the action of their elements on a more familiar structure, such as an abelian group or a vector space. From a more abstract perspective, representations can be recast as functors and the idea can be extended to the notion of representation of a category enriched over some monoidal category (like the categories of abelian groups, vector spaces or chain complexes over a field). Modern representation theory is a vibrant field. It is intertwined with group theory, Lie theory and category theory and it borrows methods from algebraic geometry, topology and many other areas of mathematics.

The goal of this conference is to bring together mathematicians working on different aspects of representation theory and to foster collaboration. With a special focus on engaging early career researchers, the conference aims to provide a platform for emerging mathematicians to showcase their work, exchange ideas, and connect with other experts in the field.

The conference program includes an array of 50-minute plenary talks and 25-minute contributed presentations, as well as two lecture series, each comprising three 50-minute talks. The topics range from the representation theory of groups, Lie algebras and their deformed variants, to module theory of rings, homological algebra and more categorial aspects of representation theory.

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