Structure, Energetics and Reactivity

Structure, Energetics and Reactivity

MissionThe Structure, Energetics and Reactivity (SER) research group brings together researchers with diversified backgrounds belonging to the Chemistry Research Centre with the objective of understanding the influence of molecular structure and energy relationships in the properties and transformations of matter. Our mission is to integrate (synthetic, spectroscopic, thermochemical, reactivity) knowledge on molecular systems and (immunohistochemical, signalling, microscopy, imaging) information on biological systems, and apply this to various fields, namely to the advancement of materials and health sciences. Our view is that a holistic knowledge of complex systems facilitates the translation of valuable solutions to the market and contributes to social and economic development.


Photonics and Reactivity

Molecular Cryospectroscopy and Biospectroscopy

Catalysis and Fine Chemistry

Thermodynamics and Solid State Chemistry

Experimental Pathology