Structure, Energetics and Reactivity

Catalysis and Fine Chemistry


The Catalysis & Fine Chemistry (C&FC) laboratory was founded in 2000, by Prof. Mariette M. Pereira and currently integrates the Structure, Energetics and Reactivity Group, directed by Professor Luis G. Arnaut.

At the present, this laboratory is composed of eight full members: the lab coordinator, Mariette M. Pereira (Associate Professor with Habilitation) and eight post-doctoral researchers, besides eight PhD students, two MSc students and one MSc researcher.

The overall goals of the C&FC Lab are focused on the development of sustainable synthetic processes, mainly based on catalytic reactions, aiming at the preparation of value-added products, such as fine chemicals, new hi-tech materials, and compounds for potential use in biological/medical applications.

The C&FC laboratory offers research in classical organic synthesis, organometallic chemistry (vacuum/inert atmosphere line, Schlenck techniques) and high pressure catalytic reactions, being the first and only high pressure carbonylation laboratory in Portugal.



The scientific interests of C&FC Lab comprise three main areas: Medicinal Chemistry, Materials Chemistry and Coordination Chemistry/Catalysis, strongly intertwined with each other, with sustainable synthesis being at the interface between them.

The research activity of the C&FC Lab has the following major goals:

1) synthesis of tetrapyrrolic macrocycles (porphyrin and phthalocyanine derivatives,) for applications in catalysis (oxidation, carboxylation) and in medicinal chemistry, namely in photodynamic therapy (PDT), photodynamic inactivation (PDI) and medical imaging, such as magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and positron-emission tomography (PET).

(ii) synthesis of hybrid materials (based on mesoporous silica, carbon nanotubes and magnetic nanoparticles) for different purposes, namely catalysis, environmental remediation and light-driven applications (photocatalysis, non-linear optics and excited state studies).

iii) development of tervalent phosphorus compounds, namely binaphthyl-based phosphite and phosphine ligands, and their transition-metal complexes for application in catalysis: carbonylation, hydroformylation and Tandem reactions, aiming at the synthesis of value added products with potential bioactivity.





 Research highlights

  • Synthesis/scale-up of NIR photosensitizers (Redaporfin® under clinical trials, World Patent)

  • Sustainable synthetic processes of tetrapyrrolic macrocycles

  • Synthesis of chemical entities for medical imaging (PET, FI, MRI)

  • Development of catalysts/catalytic systems (oxidation, CO2 activation and Tandem carbonylation reactions)

  • Preparation of hybrid material for catalysis and light-driven applications




Mariette M. Pereira (Associate Professor with habilitation)


Prof. Maria José S. M. Moreno (FF-UC) – associated member

Carmen Claver - collaborator

Anna M. Masdeu-Bultó - collaborator

Post-doc Researchers (8):

Mário J. F. Calvete

Sara M. A. Pinto

Rui M. B. Carrilho

César A. Henriques

Gilberto L. B. Aquino

Rita Lopes

Post doc – Project PDI (in admission phase)

Post-doc - Project MATIS (in admission phase)

PhD students (8):

Liliana Damas

Lucas D. Dias

Fábio M. S. Rodrigues

Carolina Vinagreiro

Vanessa Tomé

Rafael Aroso

Giusi Piccirilo

Nídia Maldonado-Carmona (POLYTHEA)

MSc students (2):

Andreia C. S. Gonzalez

Diana Gomes

MSc researcher (1):

Inês Fonseca

Industry Partners


A. Abrunhosa (ICNAS Produção)

M. Castelo-Branco (ICNAS Produção)

S. Simões (Bluepharma)

C. Silva (Luzitin SA)

D. Gameiro (EuroYser)

International collaborations





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