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Experimental Pathology

The laboratory of Experimental Pathology is headed by António Cabrita, MD, PhD and located at Faculty of Medicine, University of Coimbra (FMUC). The group develops research and training in the experimental pathology field, namely in animal models of disease, in vitro and in vivo biocompatibility and drugs evaluation, oncobiology and complementary therapies in medicine.

Besides the focus on research, the team provides pre-graduate training in Experimental Pathology to Medicine and Dentistry students and post-graduate training in the Master in Experimental Pathology, FMUC, besides long-time collaborations with several master and PhD programs.

Group collaborations include both national (ICBAS, Egas Moniz, FMDUP, UTAD, U. Évora) and international ones (University of Recife), being the laboratory involved in the organization of several events, namely the Portuguese-Brazilian congress of Experimental Pathology, located in Coimbra every 3 years.


  • António Cabrita, MD, PhD, Skill in Experimental Pathology by the Portuguese Medical Association

  • Carlos Miguel Marto, DMD, MSc, PhD Student

  • Eduardo Costa, MSc, PhD Student

  • José Ricardo Cabeças, MSc, PhD Student

  • Ana Rute Duarte, MSc, PhD student

  • Susana Seca, PhD Student


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