Biological Chemistry

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The Biological Chemistry group explores Life from a molecular perspective. The group investigates the structure and dynamics of the molecules of Life, their interactions and their role in health and disease. Bringing together expertise in the areas of Biomembranes, Inorganic Biochemistry, Protein Biophysics, and Systems Biology, the group members have a strong know-how in experimental biophysical tools (fluorescence, NMR, MRI, EPR, calorimetry, circular dichroism, light scattering and zeta potential) which is complemented with computational tools (molecular dynamics simulations, kinetic modeling, and bioinformatics and chemoinformatics). This diversity of methodological approaches allows the dissection of complex problems from reductionist and holistic point of views towards a deeper understanding of the molecular processes involved in health and disease.


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Recent publication as Front Cover

A recent publication was Featured article and Hot article, and had Cover honors.

Saida Majdoub, Zoltán Garda, Alexandre C. Oliveira, Inga Relich, AgnHs Pallier, Sara Lacerda, Christelle Hureau, Carlos F. G. C. Geraldes, Jean-François Morfin, and Éva Tóth

"Concentration-Dependent Interactions of Amphiphilic PiB Derivative Metal Complexes with Amyloid Peptides Ab and Amylin"
Chemistry-A European Journal (2021) 27, 2009-2020


Biological Chemistry Group received a -80 freezer

Following previous initiatives, TERNOX and COVANCE, with the support of SPCAL, offered a Thermo Scientific freezer capable of temperatures down to -80 °C, to the Biological Chemistry Group of Coimbra Chemistry Center. 

The Biological Chemistry Group acknowledges this initiative that makes available costly equipment, indispensable to many areas of research.



The life of Inorganic Chemistry: from molecules to imaging.
On the occasion of Professor Carlos Geraldes Jubilee
Coimbra, May 30, 2018  Chemistry Department FCTUC
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Carlos F.G.C. Geraldes presented an invited talk at the Special Honorary Symposium "40 years of Lanthanide Chemistry", dedicated to Prof. Carlos F. Geraldes, University of Coimbra, and Prof. Lothar Helm, Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, Switzerland, on the occasion of their retirement, within the Studium Conference "Is Multimodal Imaging an Invention with a Future? The Input of Chemistry", organized in Orléans, France, 11-13 December 2017.40years_Lanthanide_Chemistry

Carlos F.G.C. Geraldes was elected as correspondent member of the Lisbon Academy of Sciences, Class of Sciences.Lisbon Academy of Sciences

Carlos F.G.C. Geraldes was awarded with António Xavier Prize 2017 by Bruker for excellence of research in Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR).AXavier_CGeraldes

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