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Master in Physics

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☆ Master's dissertations/theses last five years

• Maximising non-linear optical response of molecules: insights from model 1D-systems
 José Pedro Alvarinhas Batista;   15-09-2021

• Diffuse Reflectance Studies in a Liquid Interface — with application to Noble Liquid Detectors
 Ricardo de Abreu Silvério Cabrita;   29-03-2021

• Analysis of Non-Covalent interactions in general classes of materials using a real-space charge density approach
 Diogo Alexandre Fernandes de Almeida;   04-12-2020

• Study of the CP nature of the top-Higgs coupling in ttH production at the LHC
 Luis Felipe Falda de Ulhoa Coelho;   26-11-2020

• Curvature perturbations from thermal inflation
 Joaquim António Maximiano Gomes;   26-11-2020

• String theoretical black holes: Quasinormal modes and greybody factors
 João Carlos Vieira Rodrigues;   13-11-2020

• Gluon correlation functions from lattice quantum chromodynamics
 Guilherme Telo Rodrigues Catumba;   14-10-2020

• Magnetic Inelastic Dark Matter Searches in LUX
 Jacinto Renato Pinto Fonseca;   30-07-2020

• Molecular Geometry Calculations Using a Novel Quantum Variational Approach
 Miguel Eduardo de Vasconcelos Morais Murça;   29-07-2020

• Padé Approximants and the analytic structure of the gluon and ghost propagators
 Alexandre da Fonseca Falcão;   28-07-2020

• Neutron Star Crust: Effects of Rotation and Strong magnetic fields
 Ivo Arcanjo Jorge Bene Sengo;   02-10-2019

• From the local density approximation to exact exchange in time-dependent density functional theory: the case of rare-gas cationic clusters
 Sofia Pinheiro Lourenço;   20-09-2019

• Quebra dinâmica de simetria no modelo standard para a formação de um Higgs composto
 Filipe Ngandu Palanga;   30-07-2019

• Time-dependent local density of states as a tool to study optical response
 Tomás Périé de Barros;   11-10-2018

• Contributions to the Xenon dark matter experiment: simulations of detector response to calibration sources and electric field optimization
 Ricardo José Mota Peres;   27-09-2018

• Physical Properties of Metallic Complexes
 Rita Mendes da Silva;   13-09-2018

• Measurement of rare top quark decays in ATLAS/LHC
 David Lopes Fernandes;   10-09-2018

• Two-phase model for warm stellar matter: an equation of state for compact stars
 André Marques Pina de Oliveira Duarte;   03-10-2017

• Effects of strong magnetic fields on the crust and entrainment in neutron stars
 Sagar Dipak Silva Pratapsi;   29-09-2017

• First principle calculations for Topological Insulators: the (Sb, Bi)2 (Se, Te)3 compounds

 El-Abbas Ahmed Mohamed Endaisha;   15-09-2017

• Simulating Vessel Growth with Extracellular Matrix Remodelling
 Marcos João do Carmo Gouveia;   27-07-2017

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