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Novo livro | Too Valuable to be Lost | Overfishing in the North Atlantic since 1880

30 julho
Capa do livro
Capa do livro
© Hugo Pequeno, private collection

Foi publicado um novo livro intitulado Too Valuable to be Lost - Overfishing in the North Atlantic since 1880, da autoria de Álvaro Garrido, Professor Catedrático da FEUC e David J. Starkey, Emeritus Professor of Maritime History, University of Hull, England.

O livro, é uma edição De Gruyter Oldenbourg e está disponível em ebook e em versão impressa.


This collective book is a multidisciplinary approach on a key-topic for our common future: overfishing. The focus is addressed to the "Atlantic World", considering the main oceanic geography in which this problem born in the early 20th century. The volume offers a wide range of contributions from experts on the topic covering the most relevant areas of the Atlantic and explaining important case studies on overfishing recent history. Written in a historical perspective, the book looks for institutional regulatory solutions based on multilateral solutions and scientific advising. Founders thought on the topic and the understanding’s evolution of the overfishing problem are mainly considered. This book is an accessible synthesis on overfishing history especially recommended for social scientists, historians, biologists, decision-makers and committed citizens.