Welcome to the Faculty of Economics!

The International Relations Office (IRO) performs the functions of establishing and maintaining links with partner universities and schools, coordinating negotiations to establish formal exchange agreements, and ensuring a smooth process for receiving and sending students and faculty on exchange programs. Every year the International Relations Office of the Faculty of Economics organizes and administrates international exchanges of 300 students at undergraduate and graduate level, in close coordination with the main International Relations Office of the University of Coimbra (DRI-UC).

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Academic Coordinators

António Portugal | André Saramago

Departmental Coordinators

Renato Rosa | Economics

Liliana Pimentel | Management

Pedro Góis | Sociology

Raquel Beleza da Silva | International Relations

Administrative Head Office

Margarida Isabel Santos


Incoming/Outgoing students officer

Luara Maranhão

student.mobility@fe.uc.pt | gri@fe.uc.pt

The International Relations Office is located on the main building, at the third floor. However, for practical matters, students should address themselves to the front-office for students, located at the classes’ building, floor 2, during the following Office hours.