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Cities and Urban Cultures

Doctoral Programme in Cities and Urban Cultures

Programme coordinators
Carlos Fortuna
Claudino Ferreira
Main scientific area
Programme in collaboration with
Centre for Social Studies (CES)
Language of instruction / evaluation

 The Doctoral Programme in Cities and Urban Cultures is framed within a wider educational and scientific project, supported by the research and cooperation activities developed with the community which has been under way in this area involving the team of lecturers which undertakes teaching coordination and responsibilities.

This activity has been carried out in collaboration wit the Centre for Social Studies (CES), Associate Laboratory, awarded a rating of ‘excellence’ by international evaluation. Within these institutional contexts, a vast scientific, pedagogic and civic programme is being developed on the modes of organization and planning of social and cultural life in Portuguese cities, and its approach in an integrated way at national, European and global level. The programme aims at the systematic development of scientific research on the processes whereby contemporary cities are transformed and the ways in which lifestyles and diverse cultural expressions are generated, exist side by side and are transformed in them, as well as focusing on policies and practices of intervention and urban and cultural planning in cities.

Run in cooperation with the Centre for Social Studies (CES), as host institution for doctoral candidates, the Doctoral programme commits itself firmly to themes of major contemporary relevance to an understanding of and the ability to intervene in present-day urban contexts, at several levels.

Special attention is devoted to studying and debating themes such as identity and its relation to city space and image; the role of their history and heritage; the challenges and the impact of urban tourism, of the role of urban planning and its relation to urban social spaces (of the workplace or consumption activities, of social and companionable interaction, or of confinement and segregation); socio-cultural practices and the policies which sustain or inhibit, as also the mechanisms of the participatory governance of cities, including strategies for improvement of spaces, for innovation and the internationalization of cities.

The Doctoral Programme in Cities and Urban Cultures is an advanced training programme directed at developing high levels of competence in scientific research and professional qualifications in a specialized field of sociology and interdisciplinary dialogue between this and other scientific areas.