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Doctoral Programme in Economics

Programme coordinator

Paulino Maria Freitas Teixeira

Pedro Miguel Avelino Bação

Main scientific area
Programme in collaboration with
Escola de Economia e Gestão da Universidade do Minho
Language of instruction / evaluation

The Doctoral Programme in Economics aims to provide advanced training in economic analysis. Doctorates in Economics are expected to be able to perform highly demanding tasks in relation to specialised knowledge in the fields of micro and macroeconomics. Thus, we seek to respond to the demand of highly qualified personnel in private business organisations, in public administration, and in fundamental and applied research in Economics at universities and research centers. The Programme is taught by professors who advise students in the choice of their dissertation’s topic and guide them during research. The doctoral students are integrated in the regular research activities carried out at the Faculty.

Since 2009/2010, the doctoral programme has been offered in co-operation with the School of Economics and Management at University of Minho, thus ensuring an extended set of highly qualified researchers.

Candidates are expected to perform with proficiency in research institutions and teaching institutions, consultancy companies, research groups at business companies, international, and national public institutions.