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International Journal of Human Resource Management

Publication date: 26-03-2018 14:36

Foto Internacional Journal
“The impact of spirituality at work on workers’ attitudes and individual performance”

Maria Joelle & Arnaldo Matos Coelho


This research aims to contribute to a better understanding of the concept of spirituality at work, based on Maslow’s writings, introducing a new dimension, emotional balance and inner peace (EBIP) to enrich the traditional conceptualizations and a new mediator, job resourcefulness, in its relationship with performance. The final goal is to investigate how spirituality at work influences workers’ attitudes. The proposed research model was tested using structural equation modeling and 273 valid questionnaires were collected. According to the literature review and to the concept of spirituality, we concluded that there is room for the new dimension (EBIP), and we found that this new dimension influences job resourcefulness and affective commitment. Job resourcefulness has a strong impact on individual performance and receives the impacts of spirituality at work and affective commitment. Job resourcefulness appears to be a better mediator in the relationship between SW and individual performance.