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Social Intervention, Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Master's Programme in Social Intervention, Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Programme coordinatorsVirgínia Ferreira (FEUC)
Clara Cruz Santos (FPCEUC)
Programme in collaboration withFaculdade de Psicologia e Ciências da Educação da UC (FPCEUC)
Language of instruction / evaluationPortuguese

This Masters' programme is jointly organised by the Faculty of Psychology and Education Sciences (FPCE) and the Faculty of Economics of the University of Coimbra (FEUC).
This programme is the result  of thorough consideration of social intervention practices realising  the need to sustain this intervention in innovative approaches and entrepreneurial dynamics.

The Master aims to foster and consolidate analytical skills, as well as planning and social intervention capacities to enable the emergence of creative, reflexive and socially sustainable initiatives addressing issues such as social vulnerability, social exclusion, precarisation and socio-economic and cultural inequalities.

For that purpose, the training programme is embedded with an interdisciplinary and pragmatic philosophy, emphasizing innovation and social impact through social entrepreneurship. It privileges the development of new approaches based on the strategic combination and management of intervention in social welfare for the common good, the optimisation of economic and social resources and the coherent articulation between public, private and not-for-profit sectors.

Protocols are in place and will be developed with public and private programmes, projects and organisations for the mutual exchange of expertise and the possibility of placement of students undertaking their project or dissertation.

The Master on “Social Intervention, Innovation and Entrepreneurship” is of interest to  

  • Students completing or in completion of the 1st cycle degree in areas with affinities to the masters (for instance, social work, sociology, social psychology, social policy, local and community development)
  • Practitioners working in social intervention projects and/or organisations
  • Current and prospective social entrepreneurs, that is individuals developing or intending to develop projects and initiatives for social innovation

According to the law (Article 45 of DL 74/2006, dated 24th March and 107/2008, dated 25th June) the candidate who, in the 1st cycle of studies, has attended and successfully completed courses with content identical to those taught in the master course can see credited his formation. Similarly, the professional experience of the candidate, as well as previous training, may be recognized by means of credits awarding.

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