Keynote Speakers



Reinhard Madlener

Full Professor of Energy Economics and Management (RWTH Aachen University), Adjunct Professor, Dept. of Industrial Economics & Technology Management (NTNU Trondheim), Vice President of the Swiss Association for Energy Economics (SAEE), Head of the E.ON Energy Research Center, Director of the Institute for Future Energy Consumer Needs and Behavior (FCN), Chair of Energy Economics and Management (FCN-ECO)

Professor Madlener is the founding and current Director of the Institute for Future Energy Consumer Needs and Behavior (FCN), which forms an integral element of the interdisciplinary and integrated E.ON Energy Research Center established at RWTH Aachen University in 2006. Since 2019, he is also Adjunct Professor with the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), Department of Industrial Economics and Technology Management, and active member of the NTNU Energy Transition Initiative (NETI).

Professor Madlener’s main research interests, on which he has published extensively over the last 25 years, are in the fields of energy economics and policy; sustainable energy systems; energy efficiency and rebound; transportation research; the adoption, temporal & spatial diffusion of innovation; and investment in innovative energy technologies under uncertainty and portfolio / system considerations.

The main teaching activities of Professor Madlener comprise Energy Economics, Environmental & Resource Economics, Economics of Technological Diffusion, Behavioral Energy and Environmental Economics, Economics of Technical Change, Smart Grid Economics and Management, and Energy Markets. He acted as Senior Editor of the Energy Policy journal until 2021 and serves on the Editorial Boards of a number of international scientific journals, including Advances in Applied Energy; Applied Energy; Decision Analytics, Energy Efficiency; Energy, Sustainability & Society; and the Journal of Energy Storage.

Ricardo Reis

Professor Ricardo Reis received his PhD from Harvard University. He is the A.W. Phillips Professor of Economics at the London School of Economics and previously held positions at Columbia University and Princeton University.

Professor Reis is the Director of the Centre for Macroeconomics in the UK, and he serves on the council or as an advisor to several organizations. He is an academic consultant at the Bank of England, the Riksbank, and the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond.

He has published widely on macroeconomics, including both monetary and fiscal policy, inflation and business cycles, in international scientific journals, such as American Economic Review, Econometrica, Journal of Political Economy, Review of Economics Studies, Quarterly Journal of Economics. He has also acted as editor in several scientific journals, such as Journal of Monetary Economics or American Economic Review.

Recent honors of Professor Reis include the 2022 Carl Menger prize, the 2021 Yrjo Jahnsson medal, the election for the Econometric Society in 2019, the 2017 BdF/TSE junior prize, and the 2016 Bernacer prize.

Quentin Grafton

Professor of Economics and Chairholder UNESCO Chair in Water Economics and Transboundary Water Governance. He is an Australian Laureate Fellow, a Fellow of the Academy of Social Sciences in Australia, a former President (2017-18) of the Australasian Agricultural and Resource Economics Society (AARES) and a Distinguished Fellow of AARES. In 2022, he was appointed a Lead Expert and Commissioner of the Global Commission on the Economics of Water that will report to the UN 2023 Water Conference.

He has edited or co-authored several books, including with Oxford University Press and Cambridge University Press, and published widely in inter-disciplinary journals, such as Science.

Quentin Grafton is the recipient of several awards for his water-related research including the Eureka Science Prize for Water Research and Innovation. He previously served as Chief Economist and Foundation Executive Director of the Australian Bureau of Resources and Energy Economics and Executive Director of the Australian National Institute for Public Policy. He is the Convenor of the Water Justice Hub, which has as its mission to respond to water injustice and to promote both 'voice' and truth-telling in relation to water, is the Editor of the Global Water Forum, and currently serves as the Director of the Food, Energy, Environment and Water (FE2W) Network.

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